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Each issue of Cadet Quest deals with a specific theme or topic. The themes are selected each year in January, and most purchasing is completed for the coming editorial season sometime in May. Thus, the best time to submit fiction is between January and April. A writer desiring to sell fiction to Cadet Quest should send an SASE and request a list of themes or look at the themes listed here on the internet. A free sample copy is also available upon request - enclose a 9 x 12 SASE (postage: US $1.45 /Cdn $1.45).



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Writing for Cadet Quest

Guidelines for Cadet Quest Authors and Illustrators

Cadet Quest is a Christian-oriented magazine for boys ages 9–14. It is published by the Calvinist Cadet Corps — a ministry of over 650 boys' clubs throughout churches in the United States and Canada. The goal of the Cadet Corps is "helping boys to grow more Christlike in all areas of life." Cadet Quest is one way we reach boys.


Cadet Quest's purpose is to show how God is working in the lives of boys and in the world around them.


Cadet Quest is looking for fiction stories; articles about sports, camping, athletes, or nature; craft and hobby projects; cartoons; puzzles; and illustrations.


About Cadet Quest Readers

Generally speaking, Cadet Quest boys are active, inquisitive, and imaginative. They imitate their heroes and they love adventure. They are sociable and form groups easily.


Many of them make decisions for Jesus Christ that will affect them the rest of their lives. Because our goal is to help boys see how God is working in and around them, every article and story for every issue is chosen for a specific purpose or reason. It must be wholesome, Christian, and age-appropriate.


Although Cadet Quest is the "official" publication of the Cadet Corps, it is designed to appeal to every pre-adolescent boy.


Fiction (1000–1300 words)

Fast-moving, entertaining stories that appeal to a boy's sense of adventure or to his sense of humor are welcomed. Stories must present Christian life realistically and help boys relate Christian values to their own lives. Stories must have action without long dialogues. Favorite topics for boys include sports and athletes, humor, adventure, mystery, friends, etc. They must also fit the theme of that issue of Cadet Quest. Stories with preachiness and/or cliches are not of interest to us.


Nonfiction Articles (up to 1500 words)

Articles about Christian athletes, coaching tips, and developing Christian character through sports are appreciated. Photos of these sports or athletes are also welcomed. Be original in presenting these topics to boys.


Articles about camping, nature, and survival should be practical — the "how-to" approach is best. God in nature articles, if done without being preachy, are appreciated.


Nonfiction articles do not have to fit the issue's theme (though it helps, of course), but do need to fit within the Cadet Quest goals.


Project/Hobby Articles

Articles with clear and accurate instructions for projects boys can do with easily accessible materials are especially appreciated. Our artists can illustrate these articles, but photos are also appreciated.


Cartoons and Puzzles

Wholesome and boy-oriented, of course. Unique and/or theme puzzles or games appreciated — simple logic, crosswords, and hidden pictures are favorites.



Illustrations are done on a contracted basis to fit stories and articles. Send sample work for consideration. Photos should be at least 5x7, but snapshots are acceptable if sharp and clear. Action shots are preferred.


Method of Selection

Manuscripts submitted to Cadet Quest are read as they are received — we try to read them within four to eight weeks. If your manuscript doesn't fit our needs, it is returned in your SASE within one week of our decision, or recycled at your request or if you haven't included an SASE. Themes for the new editorial season are chosen in January. By the end of April, all fiction selections are made for that editorial season. Fiction manuscripts are normally not purchased between May and December. After selecting material, we notify authors whose material will be published and return anything not selected. The new season's theme list is made available following their selection in January. (Include an SASE for your copy, or visit our website.)



The Cadet Quest staff reserves the right to edit any accepted manuscript or cartoon. Editing is done with a conscious effort to retain the author's style and intent.


Basis for Rejection of Material

1. Inappropriate. Does not show boys how God is working in their lives or world.
2. Not age/gender appropriate for 9–14 year old boys.
3. Simplistic, unrealistic, too predictable or preachy, or theological perspective too different from our own.
4. Does not fit themes.
5. Too similar to material already published/submitted.
6. Editorial needs already filled.
7. Very limited need for poetry.
8. Poor writing. Poor opening, transitions, grammar. Lacks adventure that appeals to readers.



We purchase all rights, first rights, and second rights. We have no qualms about purchasing rights to articles/stories that have been printed elsewhere, providing the audiences do not overlap.



Payment is made upon final acceptance of the material, varying according to the rights purchased and amount of editing needed. Current rates: Manuscripts 5¢ per word and up (first rights with no major editing) Cartoons $5 and up for single gags; $15 and up for full-page panels Puzzles Rates vary Photos $5 for each photo used with an article



Please do not send queries before submitting a manuscript.



Send complete manuscript, typed, double-spaced, one-sided copy on white opaque paper. On the first page, Include your name, desired byline, address, what publishing rights are offered, and indicate the approximate number of words. Please also place page number and your name on succeeding pages.


Submit cartoons as camera-ready art or jpeg file on CD.


Puzzle submissions must include answers.


Please include an SASE with correct postage if you would like your materials returned. Any material without an SASE will be recycled.



Submit stories or articles (text) online at Submissions must be included in the body of the e-mail, not as an attachment. We will not open any material sent as attachments.


Tips for Acceptance

Write to our audience and to the issue's theme. Keep stories or articles exciting and entertaining. Include humor. The best time to send your submissions to Cadet Quest is between January and April. Remember our purpose of showing God's work in boys' lives!



For editorial theme list and/or author guidelines, send a #10 envelope with sufficient postage. For a free sample copy, simply write and ask, including a 9x12 SASE ($1.17 US postage, $1.14 Cdn postage). Requests sent without the required SASE will be recycled. Send your request to:

Managing Editor

Cadet Quest

PO Box 7259

Grand Rapids, MI 49510-7259


Cadet Quest is published by

the Calvinist Cadet Corps

PO Box 7259

Grand Rapids, MI 49510-7259

Phone: 616.241.5616



G. Richard Broene, editor

Robert deJonge, art director


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